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About MCG Softlab

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SurveyCore is developed by MCG Softlab which is a software company dedicated to provide online data collection software of the highest quality to private and public organizations around the world.

We strive to be the leading provider of research software solutions. Our solutions are very feature rich and our prices are extremely competitive.

The MCG Softlab product suite includes:

SurveyCore - A professional online survey tool that enables organizations and individuals to conduct their own research projects such as customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, website user feedback, and much more. SurveyCore eliminates the costs of traditional paper based surveys. The system is very easy to use and thus surveys can be designed, published, analyzed, and shared with very little effort.

SiteScale - An effective analysis tool that continuously collects, structures, and analyzes feedback from your web users. The continuous collection of data gives you deep insight into your users' opinions and needs about your website and helps you transform knowledge into effective action. SiteScale enables you to measure user satisfaction continuously, identify page specific problems, and optimize content on your website. SiteScale is a tool that appeals to any company that sees their website as an essential part of the business. Read more on www.sitescale.com.

The people behind MCG Softlab are all highly educated and have many years of experience within marketing and communication, software engineering, finance, market research, business consulting, and business economics.

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