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The many advanced features makes SurveyCore the preferred survey tool among management agencies, educational institutions, and companies. SurveyCore is a professional survey tool that can solve any research task.

Read below about some of SurveyCore's many features.

Features for Questionnaire Design Features for Analyzing Surveys
Features for Questionnaire Logic Features for Reporting Survey Results
Features for Questionnaire Layout Features for Administration of Surveys*
Features for Survey Publishing
* = Not included in the base module
Features for Questionnaire Design
Ability to preview and test questionnaire Specification of height and width of the text fields
Ability to add radio buttons Validation of text fields on number of allowed characters in the field
Ability to add checkboxes Interval validation of text fields
Ability to add matrixes Ability to create questionnaires in several languages simultaneously
Ability to add text fields Ability to move questions up, down, or to a new page
Ability to add headings Ability to make a question required
Ability to add text messages Option to shuffle answer options
Ability to add horizontal lines Naming of pages
Ability to add pictures Insertion of hyperlinks in questionnaire
Option of "Other" category in dropdownlist-, checkbox-, and radiobutton questions, so the respondent can write the answer with his/her own words Option of automatic "Don't know" category.
Advanced function for archiving questions that makes it possible to save questions i folders and reuse the questions in other surveys  

Features for Questionnaire Logic
Advanced piping function that makes it possible to save a respondents answer to a question in a variable and use it on one of the next pages in the questionnaire Advanced page condition function that makes it possible to determine whether a page should be shown or not depending on what the respondent has answered to one or more previous questions.
Advanced branching function that can direct the respondent to a specific page depending on what is answered in a question  

Features for Questionnaire Layout
Centralized management of style templates that can be used across different surveys. Adjustment of question window size with option to specify width and height or full screen
Ability to change background colors Option to customize placement of questionnaire window, center of page or specification of coordinates
Customization of font types, font sizes, and font colors for questions, answer options, text messages, and headings Option to place logo in top of questionnaire
Ability to define the title of the questionnaire window Optional paging (Page x of y)
Adjustment of thickness and color of horizontal lines Adjust colors on buttons in questionnaire
Enable/Disable question frames  

Features for Survey Publishing
Ability to lock editing of questionnaire Ability to send invitations to survey by email
Option to activate/deactivate surveys Ability to send reminders
Option to receive email notification when a defined number of respondents have completed the survey Option to merge variables in email invitations (First Name, Last Name, and Company Name)
Option to create and administrate email lists  

Features for Analyzing Surveys
Calculation of cross tables Average cross graphs
Result overview of all questions in survey Option to define data period
Analysis of individual questions Option to filter incomplete answers
Pie charts Ability to create advanced filters based on one or more questions
Radar charts Ability to see individual respondents answers
Bar charts Export of raw data in CSV-format
Stacked bars  

Features for Reporting Survey Results (View Demo)

Ability to quickly create online reports with selected results from the survey

Option to distribute the report as URL via emails or on website
Option to activate/deactivate online reports Multiple paging options
Password protection of reports Option to quickly select which results that should be included and how they should be illustrated

Adjustment of refresh interval of report


Features for Administration of Surveys*
Create Administrator users Option to define which users can access the individual surveys and reports
Create Survey users Ability to limit access on design, publish, analyze level
Create Report Viewer users Ability to limit users option to create new surveys and reports
Ability to deactivate accounts  


= Not included in the base module