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Main Features

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SurveyCore has all the necessary features, that a professional survey system should contain. Read below about some of SurveyCore's main features or see the complete feature list.

Many Different Question Types
  With SurveyCore you can create many different types of questions. Furthermore, you can add a number of other items to your questionnaire such as headings, text, and pictures.
  SurveyCore supports piping. With piping you can extract the text form an option that a respondent has chosen in a question, and reuse the text from that option in text of a question later in the questionnaire.
  SurveyCore has an advanced branching function. With branching it is possible to show different questions to the respondents depending on what they have answered in a previous question. This enables you to go in depth with the different segments that the survey targets.
Page Conditions
  SurveyCore's advanced page condition feature enables you to determine wheter a page should be shown or not depending on what the respondent has answered in one or more previous questions.
Invitation Module

You can send out email invitations for your survey via SurveyCore. You can import lists of respondents, and the system keeps track of who has completed the survey. You can also send out reminders to people who haven't responded yet (View Demo) .

Email Notification
  You can be notified by email when a defined number of respondents have completed the survey.
Archive Function
  You can archive questions that you often use in your surveys. This way you can reuse the questions and save time.
Professional Questionnaire Layout
  You can adjust the layout of your questionnaires so your corporate graphical image is maintained. With the built in template functions each questionnaire can get a professional touch by adjusting font types, font sizes, background colors, logos, and much more.
Export of Data
  Survey results can easily be exported as raw data to a CSV-file which can be analyzed with other tools, if desired.
Multi Language Support
  Surveys can be published in many languages simultaneously. This way your market research projects can be conducted across many borders in one go. The analysis of the survey can be seen aggregated for all languages or filtered by each language segment.
Reuse of Questionnaires
  If you are creating a questionnaire that is almost identical to an existing questionnaire, you can make a copy of the existing questionnaire and adjust it until it it looks the way you want it.
Advanced Analysis
  You can analyze the results of you surveys in many different ways. You can view a complete result overview of all the questions, you can analyze individual questions with options to view different graph types, or you can calculate cross tables to find dependencies between the questions. You can also view each respondent's individual answer.
Share Results with Others
  You can very quickly and easily share the results from a survey online. You can just choose which results you wish to include in your report, and how they should be shown. Then you can send a link to those you want to see the report. You can, of course, protect the report with a password (View Demo) .
Very High Usability
  SurveyCore is the most user-friendly survey system on the market. All our customers are extremely impressed with how easy it is to get started, and even the advanced and professional features are very easy to use.

Advanced User Administration
  SurveyCore has an advanced user administration. Administrators can add new users in the system and decide what they should have access to and which rights they should have.