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SurveyCore Prices

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SurveyCore is sold at very competitive prices. SurveyCore prices are based on the number of respondents you wish buy. A respondent is a person who has answered a questionnaire. Find your price in the table below. (All prices are in USD).

# of Respondents Price per Year
SurveyCore Base Module:  
1,000 Respondents
$ 900 670
2,500 Respondents
$ 1,450 1.060
5,000 Respondents
$ 1,735 1,320
10,000 Respondents
$ 2,720 1,990
50,000 Respondents $ 3,550 2,600
> 50,000 Respondents
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Extra Users Price per User per Year
Extra Administrators:  
1-5 $ 450 330
>5 Contact Us
Extra Survey Users:  
1-5 $ 450 330
>5 Contact Us
Extra Report Viewers:  
1-5 $ 450 330
>5 Contact Us
Administrators have access to everything in the system. This type of user can create new users in SurveyCore and assign privileges to
each user.

When you buy SurveyCore, one administrator is already included.

Survey Users can create new surveys if the administrator has assigned them that privilege.

Survey Users can access surveys and reports, that they have created themselves, or have been granted access to by the administrator or another survey user.