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MCG Softlab offers companies to purchase the SurveyCore system under a private label license, so your company's brand is put in focus.

A private label solution means that you get the opportunity to brand and customize the SurveyCore solution as if it was your company's own product. The technology behind the survey tool is thereby developed and owned by MCG Softlab, but you can adjust and brand the product with logos, colors, font types, domain name, etc, so it looks as if it comes from your company.

With a SurveyCore Private Label license you get the option to use your company's own domain name for the questionnaires. This way, the links in the questionnaires that are sent out by email will point to a domain name that you decide upon. It is also your domain name that will appear in the address line of the browser when a respondent fills out a questionnaire.

Furthermore, the "Powered By SurveyCore" logo in the questionnaire is removed so it is your company's brand that is focused upon.

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If you are interested in hearing more about our Private Label solution, you are always welcome to contact us.